Keith Turpin

Shihan Turpin – 7th Dan

Began training with KI in February of 1994.
Obtained Black Belt in June of 1982.

Keith Turpin is Chief Instructor and owner of KI Clemmons. He became a student there in the second month of operations in February, 1994, and has been an instructor since reaching the rank of green belt. Master Turpin also has a Black Belt in the Goju Shorei Weapons System as well as previous martial arts experience in Judo and Japanese and Okinawan style Karate before coming to Karate International. He has numerous tournament and teaching awards, including the “1997 Black Belt of the Year” and “2003 AMAA Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year” awards. He has worked in sales and management for Fortune 500 companies, as well as establishing and running several businesses of his own. B.S. – Penn State University, and an MBA degree from UNC-Greensboro.