Ginger Gallagher

Shihan Gallagher – 8th Dan

Began training with KI in June of 1978.
Obtained Black Belt in June of 1982.

Currently an 8th degree black belt. Began study of the martial arts in June,1978  and attained 1st degree black belt in June, 1982. Began teaching as a brown belt and has taught a variety of classes over the years, from Little Dragons to advanced black belt. Attended numerous tournaments over the years, having been awarded over 250 trophies. Member American Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 2003. Certified as a head instructor by the American Martial Artists Association, and as a fitness instructor and personal trainer by Interactive Fitness Trainers of America, and as a pilates instructor by Fitour. Owner of the Lewisville Dojo, Partner Vela Advertising Agency. MBA – Wake Forest University. BS in Business Administration/Economics – Greensboro College.